WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Conspiracy Liquids

H.A.A.R.P Did Tesla have an antenna in the middle of the wilderness in mind when creating his theory's on transmitting electrical energy across the Atlantic. This well-known conspiracy ranges from planetary defense shield, to monitoring deep within the earth's core or could it be a mass weapon of population mind control. We took the letters in H.A.A.R.P. and combined our favorite fruity flavors, what happened was truly magical. If you like fruits this flavor is for you. 

Plum Island This top-secret island has been the talk of some interesting conspiracies. For example, the Montauk Monster and the origin of Lyme Disease, cloning experiments and much more. While you come to your own conclusion on what might have happened on Plum Island. Enjoy clouds of exotic fruits blended with a subtle chardonnay finish. 

Reptilian What would you do if lizard like extraterrestrials walked amongst us? Looking very similar but having reptile like characteristics, would you go into hysteria or would you offer a peaceful hand and learn about their alien culture? This Conspiracy is defiantly strange and intriguing one. Either way this sweet and sour green apple gummy bear will keep you satisfied all day long and make the reptilian race proud!

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Conspiracy Reserve

The Kennedy In the wise and honorable words of one of the greatest presidents in history. "It's not what your vape device can do for you, but what you can do for your vape device." This delicious caramel sugar cookie and pistachio concoction is fit for POTUS. While enjoying the flavorful clouds of The Kennedy, look up the very interesting JFK Files. 

Big Tobacco Vaping a tobacco E-Liquid is for some and it isn't for others. We can promise you that this conspiracy is one to delve into. This toffee notes and its Maple and Tobacco aromas have an amazing taste. This flavor will make you proud to say, "I'm a vaper, and i'm not going to take it anymore."

Marital Law When the sirens ring and your next move is the safe-room, don't forget this delicious Conspiracy E-Liquid flavor. This sweet roasted peanut brittle is battle tested and ready for civilian consumption. We want thank all the brave men and women that protect us during times of crisis and war.

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Conspiracy Salts

Conspiracy Salts A collection of our finest products with a salt base nicotine. These products will be best used with smaller devices and hardware made specifically for salt base liquids.

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Our Mission

At Onism LLC (Conspiracy Liquids) we focus our integrity, drive, and dedication to educate and inspire the vaping industry through innovative leadership. Maintain a high drive, adaptability, with ethical business practices, and work cooperatively with other goal oriented business. We are devoted to providing quality products and not only friendly, but helpful services for all of our customers. Reassuring we are reputable and honorary to helping smokers around the world find joy, inspiration and resolution through their vaping experience.

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